Sample Submission

Sample accounting records

We prefer sample sets that are simply numbered sequentially — 1, 2, 3 … — with the client keeping a key that translates these numbers into more complete coding schemes. If your samples are already sequentially numbered, you need only include a cover letter with your shipment stating that the shipment should contain n samples numbered 1 through n.

If you would like us to use more complex sample codes in our data report, please include with your sample shipment an itemized list of the sample codes and email an Excel or space-delimited text version to

Purchase Orders

In general we don’t need to see an actual copy of your institution’s purchase order before beginning your work, but will be content if you state in your sample shipment cover letter that the P.O. exists and is number such-and-such.

Shipping Address


Center for Applied Isotope Studies
Stable Isotope Ecology Laboratory
120 Riverbend Rd.
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

Sample return

Please mention in your cover letter if you want your samples returned to you, and how they should be shipped. If you don’t specify a return preference, we will keep your samples for 90 days after analysis and then discard them. If you request return of samples but don’t specify a method of shipping they will return to you via U.P.S ground C.O.D.