Analytical Fees

Fees apply to bona-fide non-profit clients. Additional discounts may be given for large numbers of samples or client-prepared samples.  Fees are subject to change at any time.  Prices listed are for a normal turn-around time of about one month.  Turn-around time may vary for services that involve solvent extraction or extended incubation times. Rush orders may require additional charges.  Contact us before officially quoting any prices. We cover the cost of all standards, calibrants and quality control samples. Download the fee schedule here.


It is our policy to re-analyze, at no cost to client, any samples lost to machine or analyst error. Samples submitted that are unable to be properly analyzed or that provide spurious results due to a) higher or lower than limits of detection b) matrix issues or c) improper preprocessing, prior to submission, will be subject to full analytical charges upon resubmission. If you, the client, have any doubt as to the concentration of your samples please contact us for advice. We will analyze, at no cost, 12 or fewer test samples to help ascertain best weight ranges prior to full sample set submission. For examples of ideal weights see:

Analyte Description, Instrumentation, ProcessingPrice (all prices are per sample)
Isotopic Preparation and Analysis by Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS)
15NH4: Ammonia Diffusion & Analysis by EA-IRMS; <=50/>50 samples60/45
Preparation: Dry & Grind8
15N & 13C: Lipid-Urea Extraction & Analysis by EA-IRMS24
15N & 13C: Analysis by EA/IRMS; natural abundance8.5
15N & 13C: Analysis by EA/IRMS; enriched17
15NO3: Nitrate Diffusion & Analysis by EA-IRMS,<=50/>50 samples60/45
Preparation: Weighing microgram subsample8
13C & 18O: Analysis by GasBench-IRMS; On-campus/Off-campus10.00/12.50
13C & 18O: Weighing; On-campus/Off-campus2.75/3.00
13C & 18O: Acidification; On-campus/Off-campus2.75/3.00
Preparation: Acidification for IC Removal for Solids7.5
13CO2: Manual Injection and Analysis by GasBench-IRMS20
Dissolved Organic 13C: Processing & Analysis by EA-IRMS25
Total %N & %C
Total %N & %C:%N & %C Processing, Dry & Grind8
Total %N & %C:Total %N & %C Analysis5.5
Total %N & %C:Weighing microgram subsample8
Total %S
Total %S:%S Processing, Dry & Grind8
Total %S:Total %S Analysis10
Total %S:Weighing microgram subsample8
Water Quality Analysis: Alpkem, Colorimetric Analysis
Water Quality Analysis:Alpkem-Ammonium (NH4-N)5
Water Quality Analysis:Alpkem-Nitrate (NO3-N)5
Water Quality Analysis:Alpkem-Phosphate (PO4)5
Water Quality Analysis:Total Persulfate N & P Digest9
Water Quality Analysis:Total Persulfate N Digestion9
Water Quality Analysis:Total Persulfate P Digestion9
Water Quality Analysis:Dissolved Organic N (includes digestion)24
Water Quality Analysis:Dissolved Organic P (includes digestion)19
Water Quality Analysis: Silicates via Colorimeter6
Water Quality Analysis: Fluorometer
Water Quality Analysis:Chlorophyll a, Analysis3
Water Quality Analysis:Chlorophyll a, Extraction4
Water Quality Analysis: TOC/DOC Analyzer, Combustion IR
Water Quality Analysis:Dissolved Inorganic Carbon-DIC6
Water Quality Analysis:Dissolved Organic Carbon-DOC6
Water Quality Analysis:Total Dissolved Carbon6
Water Quality Analysis:Total Inorganic Carbon-TIC6
Water Quality Analysis:Total Organic Carbon-TOC6
Water Quality Analysis: Ion Chromatography
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Acetate5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Bromide5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Carbonate5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Chlorate5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Chloride5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Chlorite5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Fluoride5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Formate5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Nitrate5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Nitrite5
Water Quality Analysis:Ion Chromatography-Sulfate5
Water Quality Analysis: Filtering
Water Quality Analysis:Filtering 0.45 Micron Membrane5
Water Quality Analysis:Filtering, Glass Fiber Filter5
Dry Ash, Double Acid Extraction for Metals & Total P9
Soil Persulfate Digest for Total P9
Lyophilization/Freeze-drying of Solids (per sample)5
Lyophilization/Freeze-drying of Liquids (per liter)50